Our Story

Zir Shops is the creation of Riz Guevarra. Born in the Philippines, Riz moved to the USA when he was 6 years old. Way back in high school Riz realized his dream was to become a fashion designer and studied Fashion Design at F.I.T and has worked in fashion ever since. 
Riz is married to his wife, an architectural designer and collectively they have 5 children, two Shiba Inu dogs and a one eyed cat! So as you can imagine it is a very busy home life!
Working in Fashion for many years, Riz's love for design has never faltered which is why he has created Zir Shops so he can share his love of design to the rest of the world. Drawing inspiration from his home life and his love for graphic T-Shirts and more, Zir Shops has something for everyone. 
Riz incorporated many of his hobbies in his shop, Love of dogs (Shiba Inu's), Cats (Mia-One Eye Cat), Triathlete-70.3 Half IronMan Finisher, Martial Arts, and a Singer ( Smule Id: _RIZZZ_. FB Page Riz Music).
Finding quality T-shirts and accessories with a reliable service is hard to find when shopping online and we hope that you will put your trust into us and see how we have set ourselves apart from everyone else.
We put as much love and consideration in choosing our products as we do ensuring you have the best customer service and you feel welcome to shop with us at any time. We’d love to hear from you, so please drop us a line at zirshops@gmail.com
Love, Riz